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What is a Sterile, Clean or Ultraclean Bottle?

Bottles and vials used for packaging or handling pure fluids must be clean; clean and sterile; or clean, sterile and pyrogen free. Their level of “clean” or cleanliness depends on the particulate level and/or sterile and/or pyrogen free requirement of the product to be inserted into the bottles or vials. Newly manufactured bottles and vials contain release agents and contaminants from the manufacturing factory which coats all surfaces of these bottles or vials on both the inside and outside. To obtain clean bottles or clean vials, rigorous mechanical, chemical, and heat sterilization procedures must be employed.

Bottle Size Conversion Chart

Ounces Milliliters / Cubic Centimeters
2 oz 59.147 ml
4 oz 118.294 ml
8 oz 236.558 ml
16 oz 473.176 ml
32 oz 946.352 ml
128 oz 3785.411 ml

Just blowing the bottles or vials out with clean filtered air does not do a good job in removing fine particles and biological material. Filtered air is ineffective in removing release agents from the surfaces of bottles and vials. Sterile vials should be clean vials that have gone one step further to be heat sterilized. Pyrogen free vials should be clean sterile vials that have gone one step further to be de-pyrogenated. EPA bottles and vials do not need to be sterile or pyrogen free. EPA bottles and vials must be clean and then submitted to rigorous chemical treatment. All bottles or vials, whether they are rated clean, sterile, pyrogen free or EPA certified, must go through their own specific sterilization process.

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Leaders in ultra clean and cleanroom services and sterilization services to many recognized sterile, pyrogen free, ultraclean, super clean specifications for the following containers: glass bottles, plastic bottles, amber bottles, media bottles, culture bottles, diabetic glass bottles, disposable plastic labware, glass vials, plastic containers, plastic drums, plastic jugs, plastic vials, glass carboys, ultraclean pipes, EPA–certified bottles. Serving the pharmaceutical, semiconductor, electronics, medical, automotive, and aerospace/military markets. Sterile bottle suppliers, sterile vial suppliers.

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